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Just picked up a pretty good condition 92 IDI 4x4 with a rebulit engine and tranny for a good price and thought about the cummins swap. Well my buddy has a 89' Cummins truck with the transfer case and driveshafts off of it and has the Complete engine and tranny still in the truck with 23,000 original miles.......yes thats correct 23,000 original miles. He said he would trade my engine for the cummins. Now i'm really not the full mechanic type on knowing what will and wont work so thats where I need the info. What do I need to make this set-up work? I will have the original dodge transmission ( Which I dislike) and can keep my Auto and transfercase in the truck if I dont want the dodge transmission. I saw the adapter plates to mate up the 12v engine and my transmission out of the 7.3 for $700 + $325 for the torque converter adapter. Are thes my only options?
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