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I have been seriously thinking about a new F-150 Supercrew instead of the current F-350 6.4L. With my trailer needs changing, an F-150 should do the trick. However, I am still a bit concerened about being close t maximum payload with nothing in the bed of the truck, So, that has me thinking about lookin into an F-250 Crewcab with a V-10. The mileage will be no worse than my current 6.4L, and a whole lot better in many cases. I doubt pulling 18-19 out of a new 5.4L F-150 is realistic, so the more likely 16mpg would only separate me by about $1500 a year from the V-10's fuel economy. I do alot of highway driving. Then, I get versatility with the pyload with the F-250.

So, after a long round-about, what is the current delivery time on a Superduty V-10? I'm trying to find a 2009 because I'd like the 20's if possible, and it looks like a few are still out there. I guess I can't be too picky with a $6000 rebate.
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