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cutting out

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I am out of ideas. Need some help. When i drive down the road my truck is ok at first then after about 15 mins it starts cutting out and the check engine light comes on and the pedal quits workin and drops to an idle. but as soon as the check engine light goes off the truck works again for a minute. then back to the same ordeal. ive checked the oil, replaced the throttle pedal assembly, and fuel filter. i was going to get the code pulled but it doent stay on long enought.

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Like someone said before, if the SES light came on, there WILL be a code stored.

The best thing for you to do next is go get it scanned by someone with a PSD capable scan tool. Maybe a member with AutoEnginuity who's in your area (check the HELP NETWORK ).

If it comes back with a accelerator pedal or IVS code, then start checking the wiring from the pedal assembly back to the PCM, there may be a chafed wire or loose connection.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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