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cutting out

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I am out of ideas. Need some help. When i drive down the road my truck is ok at first then after about 15 mins it starts cutting out and the check engine light comes on and the pedal quits workin and drops to an idle. but as soon as the check engine light goes off the truck works again for a minute. then back to the same ordeal. ive checked the oil, replaced the throttle pedal assembly, and fuel filter. i was going to get the code pulled but it doent stay on long enought.

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The symptoms you are describing are a bad TPS or IVS...I don't get it if you have already replaced them//

What were the symptoms before?".....
Idle validation switch,,, It's on the pedal you replaced....

Accelerator Pedal Sensor
The Accelerator Pedal (AP) sensor provides the PCM with the driver's demand for power. The AP sensor is a three-wire potentiometer that receives VREF from the PCM and returns a signal to the PCM directly proportional to the accelerator pedal position. The AP signal is used in calculating fuel quantity. Also, the AP input is used by the PCM to control the exhaust back-pressure regulator.
A PCM detected fault of the AP sensor will illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp in the instrument cluster. An AP signal that is detected out of range, high or low, will cause the PCM to only allow the engine to operate at low idle.

Idle Validation Switch
The Idle Validation Switch verifies when the accelerator pedal is in the idle position. This switch protects against in-range failure of the AP sensor.
A PCM detected fault of the Idle Validation Switch will illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp. An inoperative Idle Validation Switch detected by the PCM will only allow the engine to run at idle.
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Did you get a light or a code?....
There should still be a code in memory...Make sure you have everything plugged in well

If you can ,get the codes read...

Others may have better Ideas....

It may not hurt to replace the CPS ,, it's a now a cheap test.....
You're welcome ...Hope you get to the bottom of it....

I'll keep watching the thread....
Are you sure it still idles when this happens or does it run rough?
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