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Cylinder #6 not firing

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My PSD has a miss. Took the valve covers off to determine which cylinder wasn't firing. #6 cylinder no change in the sound of the engine when I pull the injector wire off. The rest of them caused the engine to stumble even more when I pulled the injector wire off. I replaced the under valve cover harness on both sides with the newer style with integrated harness. Then ohmed the injector and that was good. Checked resistance from #6 all the way to the ECM with no breaks in the wire. Now I'm stumped. The rig only has 102K miles on it (motorhome) so I'm leaning away from a bad injector. Any thoughts?
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I would sure get a EGT gauge on it after the rebuild if you don't have one. That engine must have been run really HOT to do all that piston damage. Running at or over 1250*F for an extended period of time will do the damage you have. Motor Homes are heavy, never ever lug them, always down shift, that keeps the EGT's down. Mountains are a *****. LOL

The EGT sensor should be installed in the exhaust manifold between #6 & #8 cyls.
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