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I have had 2# chevy K 30 square body trucks with detroit 6V53T engines. One truck with Allison and the other with NV4500. The dana rear k30 axles both failed, the yoke twisted off like butter under serious power. I now have a 1999 f350 with detroit 6V53T and double overdrive Allison trans. The ford has the locker sterling 10.5 axles. After 389k miles on rear axle the bearings are going out. But i do pull heavy loads of drill pipe, drilling equipment up to 25k lbs at 8000 ft elevation up and down mountains. I have never been nice to the truck. ALso brakes on f350 axles stop much better even on down hill steep grades loaded. the chevy dana axles were ok, for a weak gas 350 and 454 engines, but did not hold up to 450hp of big truck cubes.
Big Peterbilt's have 450hp, and some chevy 350s have 450 hp. But large Truck diesel engine have a different thing, than tiny toy pickup diesel engines.
Love the ford trucks, but in high mountains and below zero weather, 7.3 and 6.0 ford diesels are a joke.
For the price of fuel system on new computer diesel truck, i can buy complete 2 new detroit 6V53 for less than 3500 bucks.
MY 2 cents is, Sterling axles much better, for ******* truck owner with no mercy driving loaded.
If you had stock ford, axles would last a long time.
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