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Dash Lights going crazy!

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Hello gang!

New member here. Had my 2014 F350 go crazy this morning. 4km from home and all the warning lights lit up. Low oil pressure, high engine temp, starter fault and everything else. As I was at a stop light, looked at my temps and was fine as the engine hadn't even had time to warm up in the distance I drove. I pulled over shut it down. Popped the hood just to feel the engine. Cool to the touch. So I figure a sensor or comp issue. Turn the key over to see is the shut down would reset. Nope. All the warning plus more. The wrench symbol and advancetrack warnings......Called the tow company. Get it to the dealership and guess what, all is fine. This is unacceptable. 95000kms. Have the dash warnings on video though (don't know how to upload). Any ideas? Is there a fix?
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This may be a bit late, I'm new to the forum. Check the ground straps (wires) between the body and the engine and the ones under the dash for the gauges (there should be a bare metal bracket with several wires that acts as the ground bus. Had a similar problem with my '94 F250 years ago, stumped the dealer. I'm an Electrical Engineer, found it and fixed it myself...

Great first post. Welcome to the forum!
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