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My latest hemorrhoid

I start the truck the other day to go to work and noticed for the first time ever that the battery icon was lit up.
That's funny since 2 new batteries and a new alternator went in 6 months ago. So 10 miles down the road I'm stranded in the middle of a busy intersection when that truck died at a red light.

I had the alternator checked and it was bad so NAPA replaced it since that's where I got the new one 6 months ago.

My problem now is that my speedometer, odometer, and Trip meter doesn't work. Can't find a blown fuse anywhere. Is there anything else to check before I take it to the steelership?

Could the alternator have fried that part of the system when it went bad?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I did discover that a screwdriver in the back mounting hole will provide enough leverage to let the belt pull the pulley down far enough to pull it out without using the belt tool Which is a major PIA. I also slipped the pulley under the belt and used the screwdriver to cam the alternator back into place to bolt it down. It was so fast and easy this way. Took a couple try's to get the belt seated right and mounting holes lined up but I still threw that stupid tool away.
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