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Death Wobble Solutions

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What are y'all doing to solve death wobble? I've seen the post to increase caster. Anyone replacing/upgrading parts? If so, what are you replacing. Tired of driving this truck the way it is. Wish is ran as soon as my wife's 04 EX. Any and all help is appreciated.
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Have you taken it to get the alignment and front suspension parts checked? Parts wear out. Your truck is approaching 10 years old with unknown mileage. Tie rod ends or ball joints can and will cause alignment to go off spec if worn and cause death wobble.
Thanks klhansen. It’s at 150k. Death wobble since 40k. In and out of dealer up to 125k warranty ran our. Numerous parts replaced over the years. Told it was tires. Replaced them. Told Bilstein dampner was the problem. Bilstein engineers called bullshit. Read that the parts aren’t made for the weight of the motor and “in spec” can still cause problems. Read that upgrading parts to f450 parts helps. Just looking to make it safe. Had some very scary situations in it that almost caused serious wrecks.
my '02 Excursion wanders bad, replaced nearly all of the suspension parts up front, the Drag Link? the threads were stripped out so bad, each wheel could go where it wanted to, w/o turning the steering wheel.

I made it almost 60 miles after buying it, before I turned into the very first shop that could do alignments/repairs

I was in Montana, head for Oklahoma.... :(
There is one thing that I have learned about a death wobble and that is it can be caused by just about anything on the front end of the truck
My 2013 F350 didn't have the death wobble, but I had the alignment checked and the really good shop said the, if I remember correctly, the ball joints were worn out. I had them replaced along with the alignment...never a problem other than alignment, no problem now. Now this may have been caused by poor engineering, but why argue with Ford...been there, done that with my P.O.S. 2004 6.0 disaster. Ford finally was forced to buy it back..
I replaced a lot of things, and even adapted a later-model trackbar to my truck to eliminate the upper ball joint, but what eventual was the actual problem were the control arm bushings. Not easy to see when they are loose, but putting in urethane ones in place of the stock rubber ones stopped it from ever happening since.
This was on a '95 Ram, but similar parts apply.
I am having most of the front end rebuilt with this next week. A lot of bad parts, so just doing everything at once.

Should I throw a dual stabilizer on it at the same time? If so, recommendations? (stock height)
Update us when the front-end rebuild is done. My buddy is interested in this neat 2014 F250 with new brake pads and tires from 4Wheelonline installed last month. Less death wobble but he would like to fix it completely.
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