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So it has been at least 2 years now that my diesel guy told me I had a bad head gasket and quoted me $5400.00 to repair it.
The truck had about 130K on it then and has 165K now. It currently goes through about 2 gallons of antifreeze every 10-12 weeks. It pukes occasionally regardless if I am towing or not. (I don't tow very often)
It is an 2008 long bed crew cab Lariat in good shape for an 08.
I bought it in 11/12 for 26K with 100K on it.
I installed a H&S mini max delete with the delete pipe and intake upgrade before the gasket problems.
Driving the truck you would never know it has a problem, except in the winter you freeze as it has no heat.
I am on the fence to have it repaired now or get rid if it as is. If I get it fixed I would want to keep it for another 3 years, it would have about 210-215K miles on it by then which I don't mind.
My mechanic says he hopes I didn't wait to long and damaged the head or block machined surfaces which is one of the reasons I am now debating to have it fixed as I don't want any suprises that would cost more money.
The mechanic wants to use these fire ring head gaskets with stock head bolts. It is a newer style gasket for 6.4's made by Hyper Max which is down the steet from me. I am not to keen on this set up as it hasn't been put on many trucks yet.
Anyways I guess I am just looking for a few opinions here about my decision regarding the truck. I feel If I sold it as is with full disclosure I wouldn't get enough out of it and of course don't want to try to trick anyone including a dealership.

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