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Deciding if I should get a other diesel

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I'm stuck, I currently have a 04 6.0 277k miles, no problems had it a few months, just looking for a newer truck, I read all about the 6.4 and would be deleting, I don't tow much or often. Regula gas is about 1.80 here while diesel is about 2.10. I really like the power my truck has. I know I would be fine with a 1/2 ton but I like the superduty. That said I'm trying to decide between a 08-10 6.4 or a 2011 6.2. I know the gas would be fine for what I do, I just am torn and could use some thoughts,

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You'll be light years ahead if you just fix your truck up the way you like it. I put leather seats out of a 2011 in mine. I've done all the mods to the engine and transmission I want. $0 a month car note. Reliability greater than anything newer. What more could you ask for?
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