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Deer Hit Damage Finally Fixed

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After waiting about 3 weeks I finally had my front fixed. It took more time because I made some changes. I put the 6.0 trans cooler in, the deer broke the brackets and bent a lot of fins over on the old one, I replaced the AC condenser( man that looks nice now, no bent fins) the factory fog lights did that and really most of the damage, they were smashed to little pieces. The oil cooler was ok. I replaced the front bumper, I went with Top Gun because it was reasonable in price, looked really good, did not weigh a ton, and was really built well. I did not want all the brush guard stuff but needed to mount my lights. I still need to clean up behind it so it looks clean and paint the blocker beam and frame to make it look good, a can of flat black makes it look new in a short time. I'll get better picks when that and the summer rims go on. I also sold the pickup, I was getting 8 mpg and 50 mi a day was killing me so I drove the X on dirt for a month, now I have a 94 chevy corsica so that is the end of dirt roads for the X, I am getting 27 mpg with the car, thats insane from what I am used to. I snapped when I had muddy water in the reverse tail light lense of the X. I paid 1200 for the chevy and it paid for itself today when it rained and I had to drive a dirt road...what a mess. Here are some pics.
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The pipe across the top is solid, not a 1/2 pipe. The mounts are 1/2" plate and the tow hooks mount to these too. It is solid as a rock so the next deer will never know what hit it.
The plan is to line X it but they don't salt in ND and with -0- traffic I bet it holds up well. I drove from here to Bismarck to get the car, in the 100 miles I saw 2 cars, it was early, 6:30am but still, and one was a 3 wheel per corner tractor.....thats 12 tires at $3000 per tire.
Thanks, I wish the weather was better, I could be out there working on it. I had Line X'd the factory bumper a few years back, it really held up to the winters we get, I bet if it had not been bashed in by the Deer it would have lasted forever. It would be tough to touch up though, I read where you can spot fix that stuff but I am sure it would be hard to blend. I'll let this work until it starts to rust, the painted bumper lasted about 3 years and then it was a rust peppered mess. I am getting used to it more, once the bigger tires go on ot will be better, this is the latest I have waited to put them on, with the rocks from the dirt road flying off them I had to wait until I got the car, now they can go on. Here is the car. One more thing, I am selling the Fab Tech pre runner bar that was on before, it did not get hit at all and is line X'd to last forever, it mounts to the bumper bolts, it does not touch the bumper and is rock solid. It has 2 light tabs, I had 2 8" lights on it.
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