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Detroit Diesel Repower Question

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Hi All.... I am new here.

I have a bus with a 8.2L V8 Detroit Diesel in it. I am have heard very mixed reviews of this engine. My diesel mechanic advised me that they are great engines until they go wrong, at which point I will be better of repowering.

I use the bus for my work. My company builds handcycles and we use it to haul the handcycles to shows, events bikes races and handcycle clinics. So it is super important that we have an economical and reliable engine. The bus is a 39 foot Bluebird All American.... We have torn our the seats and retrofitted it to suit our needs carrying handcycles, so I really want to keep it.

At the moment I am planning towards the repower. The current motor produces 205 horsepower, and it is underpowered. With the re-power I am looking to increase the amount of power substantially and I want a bullet proof engine that will outlast me.

Any advice about which engines I should and which I should not be looking at?

Thank you!


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Lots of things to consider here , What sort of bus ? Doing a repower from an eight to an eight is simpler than going to an inline engine but you have,nt many choices as far as V8 diesels go and upgrading horsepower will mean looking at the driveline to upgrade as well . Do you want a electronic or mechanical engine ?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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