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Did the oil pressure gauge mod, have a question on readings

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Hey guys. I did the mod to the truck today, everything seems to be working properly. I have a question about the gauge readings though.

Idling, it is in the normal range, towards the high end. My problem is when I'm on the fuel pedal, the oil pressure starts bouncing and dropping to the low end of the scale. It is directly related to throttle/load.

I realize this is from the injectors using more oil, and I'm getting the reading from the HPOP reservoir. My question is whether or not this is a normal thing, and what i can do to fix it. I'm not opposed to undoing the mod, just want to make sure I don't have a more serious problem.

The truck seems a bit sluggish most of the time, never stalls or cuts out though. Just wondering if maybe my lube oil pump is getting weak or what.

Home made 6637 intake, 3" straight pipe w/downpipe, old school chip, maybe 50 horse if I had to guess. Adrenaline HPOP, stock everything else.

Thanks in advance.
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Looking at my copy of Steve Baz's site and how he describes to do the mod you are getting the same thing that he did and he even mentions it.

I personally would get a actual oil pressure gage either electric or a direct hook up to be sure of what is happening. The electric one would be a lot nicer since you wouldn't have to run a oil line into the cab with the possibility of a leak.
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