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Diesel Lost All Power( No Power to Anything) and Wont Turn On!

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Hey guys its me again. Again thanks for the help on my last post. Ended up that one of the pistons on my left front brake caliper pushed itself out so far that it went completely thru the pad. In the end i needed a totaly front brake overhaul.

OK so now i have a new task to tackle. So i was with my buddy, and i turned the key over to let the front windows down. i look away for a second, and then the truck went blank. I have nothing. and when i mean by that is that i turn the key off and over on many times, and the truck just has nothing. I took the batteries to my guys at O'riellys and tested them. 100%. So now i have to check the alternator and starter. I was also told by my buddy who owns an F150 same body style and a little newer that our trucks have a tendency to blow solenoids in the steering column. He said that there is two there that are common for blowing.

I was wondering if Anyone has any clues as to what is going on with my truck? I was completely blown away when i didnt have any power. If ya ll could give me some insight or help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again.

P.S. I should let you know that for the last several times i cranked her over, i had to turn her over a few times and then she came on. Also the battery light has been on for all of them. I think the charging system might be bad.
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Sounds like a blown fusible link to me. These are attached to the battery side of the starter relay, on the passenger fender. Look for bubbled or melted insulation on them, and replace them only with the same gauge fusible links (the gauge size is on the flag.)
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