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Hello, new to this forum, and not yet a diesel owner.
Will be replacing '01 SC with a diesel--Ford or Dodge.

Have heard many horror stories re: 6.0L Ford.

I love Ford trucks, but intend for this to be last truck purchase before retirement. I will be towing a medium wt. travel trailer.

I know each brand, and engine, has its own supporters and detractors.

I rely on forums such as this for my RV info. as well.

I hope this doesn't start a flaming war!-- just some documented advice re: the 6.0 vs. 7.3

Thank you


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There are all kinds of opinions out there on this topic! I'd move this post to the General Diesel section of this forum for some better responses. Also, check out a few other diesel forums to get some other opinions... such as -

the diesel place .com (remove spaces)
the diesel garage .com

As far as my 2004 6.0L, I really enjoy the truck! It pulls great!!
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