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Hi everyone, this is my first post here, but you'll probably see more o my posts in the future. I used to own a GM van with the 6.2, and have recently bought a 2005 chev with the duramax.

i did not come here to talk about those vehicles though, i have come to talk about my 1993 Jeep wrangler. right now it has the stock 2.5 gasser, which is very tired and in desperate need of a rebuild, but i would like to replace it with a real engine. my plan is to build up the jeep for off road, with a moderate lift, D60s and probably 38" boggers. not too sure of what i'd like for tires, but the point is, its not gonna be a small jeep and even the 4.0L 6cyl would have a hard time pushing that down the hwy.

i was thinking about puting in a 4bt mostly because others have done it in the past, so i know it will work (not saying it would be easy)

i'll be leaving in a few weeks to do forestry work for the summer, so money shouldnt be a BIG issue for this project, but i dont want to spend a fortune.

i know a good friend who works in a diesel shop that could probably hook me up with a deal on something, but that leads me to my question.

if i found an industrial diesel that was originally from something that ran a constant rpm (generator, heavy machinery ect) what would need to be changed or modified on the engine to make it workable for a street vehicle, or would it be possible at all?

do the industrial diesels have a different cam than those intended for vehicles?

i'm kinda thinking that even if i find a 4bt, it may be completely different from one i would find in a truck. would look the same, but be tuned completely different. would this be a problem? or are they all the same?

i know when a gas engine (350) is used in marine applications, they change the power band for more low end torque so they bull harder off the bottom.

i am a fairly mechanical individual, and would like to complete this, not just dream about it. my engine in there is toast, and i dont want to put money into a rebuild for it.

thanks in advance for any replies.

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