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differences between 97 and 00

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Ok so I have a 99 1/2 powerstroke and looking at buying a core motor and rebuilding the whole bottemed with the best rods and cam and other stuff for when my motor goes. I found a great deal on a 1997 motor. I do know the HPOPs were slittly different and that the 97 had single shots. Are the bottemends pretty much the same???

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No, the bottom ends were beefed up between 97 and 99 model years.

From what I understand, you can't put a Superduty Crank in a '97 block, or maybe it's vice versa. Either the crank or the block was beefed up, making the swap impossible because of interferences.

I think rods would interchange, and probably cam's as well.

I'm sure someone knows for sure.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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