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differences between 97 and 00

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Ok so I have a 99 1/2 powerstroke and looking at buying a core motor and rebuilding the whole bottemed with the best rods and cam and other stuff for when my motor goes. I found a great deal on a 1997 motor. I do know the HPOPs were slittly different and that the 97 had single shots. Are the bottemends pretty much the same???

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97 bottom end is almost identical. Plus you now have some AA code injectors for mods, and a "wicked wheel" for your 99.5 turbo. The 97 will have a lightened crank (better) and fuel pump lobes on the cam (neither better or worse, just there), and a 15 degree hpop (not as good but can be used for a core for a 17 degree hpop), and no intercooler spider or piping, and incompatible up pipes. That's all I can think of...?

Didn't read your sig first, so some doesn't apply directly to you.
No, the bottom ends were beefed up between 97 and 99 model years.

From what I understand, you can't put a Superduty Crank in a '97 block, or maybe it's vice versa. Either the crank or the block was beefed up, making the swap impossible because of interferences.

I think rods would interchange, and probably cam's as well.

I'm sure someone knows for sure.
The crank was DOWN graded and the block requires extra clearance to clear the crank. Not sure of the exact break for this. I know some blocks got the extra clearance and the old style crank just before the change over. I have heard some say the late 99 and up block had some sort of additional change to beef if the block but I don't know about that for sure. I do know that the 97 and later had a thicker valley, don't think it added strength in any meaningfull way though.
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