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Differential bearing installation

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Hi, I am rebuilding my 2002 F-250 10.5 3.73 Sterling rear end differential. Not getting through quickly because I have to go out of town often, but I will eventually get it back together. I am replacing the pinion bearings races, the carrier bearings and races, pinion seal, pinion nut, carrier shims were broken replacing them. Gears are good. Had a very bad drivers side carrier bearing that spewed bits of bearing out and damaged the pinion bearings. My question is this: I have the carrier out and the pinion out. Removed the old bearings. That went well. I just cut through the cage with a dremel cut-off disk and removed the rollers, Then I cut almost through the inner race, cracked the cut with a chisel and slipped and or tapped the inner race off. I don't think that I could have done it any quicker with a bearing splitter. I don't have a press to press the new bearings onto the carrier or pinion shaft. At work I put similar bearings in an oven heat them to 250 F. until they expand, or put them in a magnetic bearing heater, and then slip them onto the shaft. Is there any real reason that the heat method wouldn't work on these bearings? Has anybody else out there done it this way? 106
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works very well cool the carrier and pinion and they will go on real easy don't forget new crush sleeve
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