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DIY Water/Meth kit

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Thought I would throw a post together for the “do it yourselfer.”
Here is my DIY 2 stage Water/Methanol kit I put together for around $382.00

*If you just want a simple 1 stage kit this setup would cost about $280

Pump- (1) Shurflo 150-180PSI/1.5GPM purchased on “Ebay” from seller “Alcohol injection” $89.00
Water Tank- (1) Snyder Industries Horizontal Sprayer Tank 8 Gallon Capacity, Model# 10282 $59.99

Water Solenoids- (2) part # 7876K12 $41.24each

Filter- (1) 3/8” fuel filter “Autozone” $4.00

Hobbs Switch- (2) Picked up two of these at local automotive store. $30each

Brass fittings-

(9) 3/8” thread to 3/8” brass barb fittings

(2) 3/8” brass “T” fittings

(2) 1/8” brass 90* fittings

(2) 1/8” thread to 5/16” brass barb fittings

(1) 90* plastic 3/8” barb fitting for tank feed

Total- $40.00

Nozzles- $4.65each

I wasn't sure which nozzles to buy so I bought almost all of them to try different ones out.
(1)Part # 3178K61 [email protected] *This is my low boost​
(1)Part # 3178K62 [email protected]

(1)Part # 3178K75 [email protected]

(1)Part # 3178K76 [email protected] *This is my high boost

(1)Part # 3178K77 [email protected]
Total- $23.25

Hose- 3/8” ID 220PSI hose from LOWES $.55per/ft got about 20ft Total- $11.00
(1) Automotive relay SPST “Radioshack” Model: 275-001 Catalog #: 275-001 $6.00
(1)Green led “Radioshack” Model: 276-271 Catalog #: 276-271 $1.99
(1)Red led “Radioshack” Model: 276-270 Catalog #: 276-270 $1.99
(2) SPST Submini toggle switch “Radioshack” Model: 275-612 Catalog #: 275-612 $2.99each
12 gauge wire for pump
14-16 gauge wire for switches, lights and solenoids.
Assorted electrical connectors, fuse holder
Total about $30.00

Here is the schematic I drew up.

The two switches and two lights above my 4x4 cutout are for the Water/Meth.
Left to Right-

System on for low boost, Low boost active light, System on for high boost, High boost active light.

8Gal Tank in toolbox.

Pump placement under passenger side door on frame.
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T fitting in engine compartment.

Solenoid valves. Back-Low boost, Front-High boost.

Output of solenoids into intake.

Low boost bottom, High boost top.
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Hobbs switches. Low boost bottom, High boost top.

I would also like to find out what everyone else is running for nozzle size "flow per hour @ specific PSI" on their kits? Currently I am running my pump at 140PSI and seem to be getting a good fine mist from both nozzles. How do you know when you are spraying too much? I am still new to this and would like as much input as possible.

I have been running about 30% Meth with no plans to go any higher. I defiantly notice a difference when the Water/Meth is spraying.

*Please let me know if you would like any more information or if you have information please post up.
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Nice job. How long does the 8 Gallons last you? So the low boost side sprays at 5 lbs of boost?
Not sure how long the 8 gallons are going to last yet. Yes, I have the first stage spraying at 5PSI. I haven't had any issues spraying that low yet like engine rattling or power loss.
So is there a noticeable difference while driving around town at the 5lbs of boost? Smoother? Quiter? More Power? I also hear some guys running 100% water to just lower egt's and some have also said the 6.0 can't take as much methanol as some of the other motors.


p.s. My race boat runs on 100% Methanol :D
I defiantly notice a difference here at 4000'. Off the line I have better throttle response and it does feel like it pulls harder once I lock the converter. Right now with a 32% meth mix egt's seem to hold and not climb.

I will probably run 100% water and see if I notice any difference in the next couple weeks.
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