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Trying to figure out how and where to get all my parts is a little overwhelming! 99.5 7.3

bearings - mains, rod, cam
gaskets/seals - head, lower, EBPV, HPOP, pedestal, fuel lines, oil cooler, injectors o rings...
bellowed up pipes
and what ever else I'm forgetting?

I suppose if I weren't so cheap it wouldn't be stressful! BUT THEN I DO HAVE 5 DAUGHTERS TO TAKE CARE OF ON A PRODUCTION WORKERS PAY check :brickwall:

I can get the DNJ ring set for $136, wondering if anyone ever used them?

And the gasket sets don't have much in the way of included parts lists?!?

Any recommendations?

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What might DNJ stand for? Maybe 'dere not junk? :lol:

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Did a little research and it actually stands for Domestic-N-Japanese. I looked up the domain name ( and it's registered in Scottsdale, AZ. Doesn't mean the stuff isn't imported though.

I feel for you about the cost. Fortunately I only have two daughters, and they're both on their own now.

You might check with your local International Dealer for parts. I think they could get you fixed up without breaking the bank. Typically less money than Ford for the same stuff in a different package. Either that or go with name brand stuff such as Mahle (formerly Perfect Circle) for pistons and rings, and Fel-Pro or Victor Reinz for gasket sets. You definitely don't want to go too cheap.
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