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Dome & interior lights staying on too long

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This has been a problem for some time -- but seems to have gotten worse lately. Thanks in advance for any ideas for a fix.

In sequence of events, leading to current one.

- For past 3 years, my "door open" dash warning light has been remaining illuminated, despite all doors and rear hatch being closed. Researched the issue here, and determined was probably a door sensor. Tried to fix myself using approaches suggested (cleaning/lube door latches, graphite, etc), didn't work. Dealer wanted $500 to find/fix sensors -- so i decided to live with the light. Past 3 years doing this.

- About a year ago, the interior lights started staying on much longer than usual -- after parking and turning off the vehicle. Usually it takes 10-15 minutes before they turn off. This is still how they're behaving.

- A month ago, I replaced both batteries in the vehicle, with high quality replacements.

Now...the current issue and my question to the experts here...

- Last week, I went to drive the vehicle, which had been sitting in the driveway for over a week, and battery (main) was dead. Recharged, and vehicle started right up.

- During this drive after charging, I noticed that my interior lights are now STAYING LIT WHILE DRIVING. They do not shut off. However, when I stop and shut off the vehicle, the interior lights do shut off...after their "normal" 10-15 minutes of staying they have for the past couple of years.

One of my acquaintences has suggested that ALL of this might be the "BCM" (body control module)? I have no idea what that is.

Any help from the experts here much appreciated.

By the way -- I love my '03 6.0 Excursion 4x4 --despite these quirks.

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I don't know exactly whats causing this but I suggest you just install a dome light bypass switch like so many of us have done and that way you can just turn them off except when needed. Thare are threads on here to help you but I also have a 03 and the wire that you need to tap into is in the passenger side kick panel. I just put in a simple toggle switch and mounted it in the dash to the right and down from steering wheel.
Just like to know witch wire goes to the dome light so I can put a toggle switch in
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