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Yesterday I donated my 6.9 engine to the Los Angeles Unified School District Harbor Occupational Center in San Pedro. The instructor was glad to have it and took me on a tour of his facility. It was great! What a facility. Anyone in the LA area that is interested in learning more about Diesel technology, this is a great resource. Prices are low, the course of instruction is self paced and you get to learn what you want to learn.

Normally he puts together a team of students to work a project. They would tear the engine down, put it together, run it and put it on the dyno. I am sure he would provide a tour to interested people. He had every thing from a small Perkins boat engine to the large Cats. He even had an engine that someone had brought in to work on.

Here is a link to the site: Harbor Occupational Center Industrial Technology

Too bad that they don't get more visibility.
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