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dont start

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I went to start my truck today and it will not start the tac bounces when it is turning over I have the wait to start light still working
thanks for any help
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Besides the sticky at the top of the page that Bekair mentioned, here's a couple other things to check.

Is the fuel pump running when you turn on the key? Listen at the frame rail under the driver's seat. It will run about 20 sec then shut off (unless the engine starts, then will keep running.)
Check the reset button behind the passenger's kick panel (hole near the top)
Check the fuel pump fuse (#17 30A under the hood)
Check Fuel pump relay (also under the hood)

Are you getting any smoke out the tailpipe? If not, you may not be getting power to the Injector Driver Module (IDM).

Check the IDM fuse (#11 30A under the hood)
Check the IDM relay (also under the hood)

The locations are in your owner's manual. If you don't have one of those, you can check HERE for a copy.

Hope that helps
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