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'02 7.3L Excursion 3.73 Warn Hubs AutoTranny
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2002 Ex 7.3L

Followed an old thread, lubed the door latches, hinges, etc.
Weird door ajar light problem

Doors work much better, but the damn Door Ajar light is still ON.

Parasitic current draw is 1 amp, not good.

I have to keep a Battery Tender on it all the time, because if I forget and don't drive it for a week, it won't start.

Love the truck, have done some restoration in the nature of a new front end, and a 320A Mechman Alternator.

No codes showing.

Bought it because my '02 Suburban 5.3L, rear 3rd member died a hard death.
the truck was not meant to pull 8,000 lbs anyway.

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