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door ajar when all doors are closed??

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my truck thinks a door is open, i had a problem with this on another truck, but my 99 f350 CC does not have the push in pins to tell the door its closed, i cant find any sensor for this, what do i need to check/replace, is there a fuse i can pull to get this off for the time being??
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My cousin's F250 had that problem. I had him spray the latches with lots of WD-40... no luck. Couldn't find a fuse that would shut the lights off (interior overhead light and cargo light by upper brake light), so finally just pulled the bulbs. Any other ideas?
Thanks, I'll let him know. He's the type that'll just say "Screw that, I'll just leave the bulbs out." Maybe I can sway him to try to actually fix it, though. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bleh.gif
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