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door chime beeps after door still closed

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Just wondering if anyone has had this problem. If I leave the key in the ignition and shut the doors the chime still beeps for 20 - 30 seconds with the lights still on unless I shake the key in the ignition or turn the key on. This just started happening today, and I was wondering if the door shut off switch (which I can't seem to find) was stuck or the ignition has problems.

Thanks in advance.
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It may be the classic "door ajar" issue with Superduties. Probably the single most common issue on any Superduty. Try spraying a LOT of WD-40 in the door latch on the door , where it would engage on the striker on the door jamb on the truck (so you're spraying the part on the door itself). The switch is in there. This has fixed the issue of the dome light being on after doors are shut for countless people... may be the same issue causing your problem.
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