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door lock acuators

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I recieved two commando lock acuators and will be installing them.
I did a search for an old post with pictures I had seen a long while back but had no luck finding it.
If anyone has info for this install I could use the help.
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Thanks. Does the other wire (blue) go to ground? I tried to call the company but the are not there weekends.
Thank You. I will get to it today.
Done! At least the first one. Only took an hour, the others should be less. As recomended pink/black tracer goes to the green commando unit wire. The pink/orange went to the blue commando unit wire. I was able to use one hole in the door and drilled a second for the actuator. If I new how to post pic's I would for the next guy to do this.
Thanks for the help!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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