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door lock acuators

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I recieved two commando lock acuators and will be installing them.
I did a search for an old post with pictures I had seen a long while back but had no luck finding it.
If anyone has info for this install I could use the help.
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Just installed two today on my 2000 PSD. The only difficulty I had was knowing which wires connected where.
Here's what I found. There is a 4 wire loom running to the acuators. I stripped the sheath off and found two small wires and two large wires. The two large wires are has a black stripe. The Black Stripe connected to the green Commando Unit.
Everything else was very simple, I drilled two holes in each door to mount the Commando.
Done...easy do it yourself job.
The Blue wire connected to the other heavier wire in the loom.
Hook them together and do a test trip, when the plunger goes up it should be with the unlock function.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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