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Door Window Glass

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This is not strictly a diesel question but I have a 1996 Ford F-250 crew cab with a 7.3. While mowing grass I threw a rock that shattered the LH rear door glass. All of the glass repair shops here in Memphis, TN and the Ford dealership is telling me that the glass is no longer available. No salvage yard in the area has the glass either. In a broader nationwide search, I haven't found any salvage yard that does have the glass and will ship it. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find replacement glass?
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There are MANY JYs around Memphis with '87-97 CC F-series. I don't collect rear door glass since I'm into Broncos, but I know I've seen those trucks lying around, and it shouldn't be hard to find one. It will just take some legwork because it's not a valuable part that the yard guys would bother to inventory. You'll have to actually drive to each yard and wander around for a little while.

Clay's on Warford specializes in Fords, but they generally charge half again or 2x what any other yard would for the same part, and they don't usually let customers walk the yard. The self-service yards usually have a couple of CCs, but they're usually in rough &/or stripped condition. I'd expect to find that glass at U-Pull-It on N.Watkins, LKQ on W.Mitchell, or Ed's on Beale, South of Byhalia. But you might have to go as far as Brown's on Wilbanks just this side of Corinth.

Download & install Google Earth (free) on your computer (the phone version isn't quite as good) and fly around looking at JYs. But pay attention to the imagery dates.

...or just buy this one:

If not, try asking these guys if they have the LHR:
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