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Dorman o-rings?

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How is the quality of Dorman o-rings? I'm going to replace the kit on my oil cooler and my option is to pay $75 and wait several days for a Ford set to be shipped or pay $65 and pick up a Dorman set, tomorrow. I'm not trying to be cheap and don't mind paying the extra but if there isn't any quality difference, I'll just pick up the Dorman set in the morning and get going on the replacement.
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Ford and International header gaskets are indeed different, and won't work. It's not the quality of the Int'l gasket, but that it was designed for a different setup. The angle on Ford oil cooler is different than on the 444 Int'l flavor engine to clear the engine support crossmember. At least that's what the Int'l parts guy told me.

You should lay those two gaskets on top of each other and compare them that way.
They are the exact same shape, size, and thickness (0.050") But the Ford gasket sealing surface is definitely a softer material. Both are made from aluminum. Here are some pictures of them stacked and side by each.
Interesting. I know that the Int'l parts guy wouldn't sell me the one he had.
He did you a favor, it sucks to do it twice.
LOL, yeah I suppose so. But it turns out I didn't have to replace the oil cooler, but the entire engine. Coolant in the oil wasn't coming from the oil cooler, but a cracked block. :frown2:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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