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Dorman o-rings?

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How is the quality of Dorman o-rings? I'm going to replace the kit on my oil cooler and my option is to pay $75 and wait several days for a Ford set to be shipped or pay $65 and pick up a Dorman set, tomorrow. I'm not trying to be cheap and don't mind paying the extra but if there isn't any quality difference, I'll just pick up the Dorman set in the morning and get going on the replacement.
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That's who I was looking at as far as the Ford set and I went ahead and just ordered it from them. Thank you, sir.
It's raining, so I can't work on it right now but I want to send props to Dieselorings. I ordered the rings on Tuesday afternoon and got them today, in less than 48 hours.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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