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Double towing with short/light fifth wheel good or bad?

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I have a long bed, CC, DRW 1990 F-350. I was planning to get a short (21-24ft) fifth wheel and also tow my bumper pull 17ft car trailer with a dune buggy and a couple four wheelers. What I'm wondering is what are the down sides of pulling with a short/light fifth wheel? I'm assuming a short fifth wheel will only be around 5k, and my buggy/ATV trailer will weigh about 4k (trailer 1.5k +buggy 1.5k +2 ATV's 1k). I wanted to stay short to keep the length in check (I'm in KS, legal length is 65ft). Any advice is appreciated.

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Thanks for the help. I was planning to add in a fair amount of rectangular tubing to tie the hitch to the frame as close to the axles as I can get. And I planned on adding some form of sway control and possibly some equilizer bars to help things out. Do you think it would be worth adding a second brake controller and so I could control just the rear trailer?

I think you're probably correct about the weight of the 5er being higher than what I'm told. I plan to run it over the CAT scales with and without the bumper pull to try and get a better idea of my axle weights. I drive a semi occasionally for work, so going over some scales seems pretty normal.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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