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DP Tuner?

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I would call on this but i know they are moving so i thought i would ask here. When do all of you turn it from stock to which ever setting you usual run on.In the diretions Jody says to change it after the engine is warmed up,but i got to thinking about the PCM burns he does and thoses are on when the the truck starts.So i got to thinking(which i do alot of) that maybe i could change it as soon as i started it up. Just wanted some opinions on this.
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The reason for those is to just try to keep you from stressing the engine too much when it's still cold. You don't wanna turn it on a high settings and throw the pedal to the floor on an engine that's still cold. Just keep things below around 2,000 rpms without heavy throttle until the engine warms up and I'm sure you'll be fine. All those people with PCM burns or SCT tuners would be up a creek if it was really a big deal.
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