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DP Tuner?

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I would call on this but i know they are moving so i thought i would ask here. When do all of you turn it from stock to which ever setting you usual run on.In the diretions Jody says to change it after the engine is warmed up,but i got to thinking about the PCM burns he does and thoses are on when the the truck starts.So i got to thinking(which i do alot of) that maybe i could change it as soon as i started it up. Just wanted some opinions on this.
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i leave mine in 80 eco all the time as well havent had a problem yet. it starts the same in 80 as it does in stock
Over a year and a half with mine and I almost always start driving right away in 80 econo. I never had a stock setting until recently when Jody reburned my chip, but I don't use it anyway. Only on the very coldest days I would put the chip on the 40 tow setting. The reason is just because the injectors were super noisy in sub-zero temps, and usually there's snow on the ground at the same time, which makes driving a bit squirrelly with extra power.

[/ QUOTE ]hey pocket when the injectors get noisey is that bad. when its on stock it sounds normal when i put it on 80 eco its louder im guessing the injectors. my dad heard that hes and oldtimer muscle car guy and he said man ur injectors sound like crap they are gonna go for sure. is he right is this dp gonna cut down on the life of my engine. i dont run it that hard.
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Man... your starting to panic... If you cant risk a motor then dont chip it! Not trying to be a smart arse but

[/ QUOTE ]no i just got nervous im over it now. i had a blast yesterday i showed someone the 4x4 launch
hahahahaha 4x4 launches are the STUFF!

[/ QUOTE ]yeah they are it feels like my truck jumps its so sexy the chicks love it.
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