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Dreaded P132B question

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I've been chasing the old P132B issue on my 03/04 for a while... I've done all the checks for the exhaust leaking; MAF and MAP issues (found a hole in the MAP hose along the way) and also tried to do the re-learn of the VGT following the instructions. But one thing was the P132B also calls an "Intake leak" as a possible issue... Does this mean before or after the Turbo? I found that the o-ring on the air intake tube that leads from the valve cover to the inlet hose has rotted off... I would "guess" (as that is all I am doing at this point chasing) that this might be enough to suck additional air after the MAF sensor and throw off the reading/calculation during a re-learn?

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P132B is the result of the turbocharger to build sufficient boost during the VGT learn process or under certain load/speed conditions while driving. Barring faults with the MAF, MAP, BARO and EOT sensors and any leaks in the intake or exhaust system, the turbocharger itself is still the lost likely culprit. To answer your question specifically, intake leaks before OR after the turbocharger can cause low boost... however a leak before the turbo would likely cause a P006A code for the MAF to set as well. MAF is critical for EGR operation and as we all know, malfunctioning EGR valve affect turbocharger operation.

To be honest with you, if you are absolutely sure you have no leaks and no other codes, it might be time to pull the turbo apart and inspect it. There is no other way to check it on the early build 2003/2004 engines.
Also during the VGT re-learn I see the VGT DC cycling thru the 14%-85% changes, but never hear the change in the exhaust pitch.

The change is subtle but you should be able to hear a change in engine tone that coincides with the VGT duty cycle.
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