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Dreaded P132B question

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I've been chasing the old P132B issue on my 03/04 for a while... I've done all the checks for the exhaust leaking; MAF and MAP issues (found a hole in the MAP hose along the way) and also tried to do the re-learn of the VGT following the instructions. But one thing was the P132B also calls an "Intake leak" as a possible issue... Does this mean before or after the Turbo? I found that the o-ring on the air intake tube that leads from the valve cover to the inlet hose has rotted off... I would "guess" (as that is all I am doing at this point chasing) that this might be enough to suck additional air after the MAF sensor and throw off the reading/calculation during a re-learn?

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That would make sense on the P006A code as I never have seen that DTC on the Predator. I have compared the MAP and Baro output and they are within about .5 of each other for the KOEO test .. The MAP Gauge Pressure is zero and the MAF is about .13 kpa but that makes sense at idle since its not under boost. Also during the VGT re-learn I see the VGT DC cycling thru the 14%-85% changes, but never hear the change in the exhaust pitch.

I will start with the turbo like you suggest but maybe just the VGT solenoid coil resistance since that is the easiest to start with (I hate removing the snail again if I don't have to).

I got a chance to play around with the VGT today. I found that the resistance was out of spec so I replaced that solenoid and did a KOEO reset. Now after everything is warmed up, I can get the VGT to cycle to 14% and get a change in the exhaust tone ONE time.. It then goes back up to 85% and then when it drops back to 14% the tone doesn't change. If I rev the engine and drop it back to idle, the DC will cycle back to 14% and again a tone change, but then up to 85% and then down to 14% an no change.

Does this sound like a stuck unison ring as it can cycle one time but then gets stuck and I have to rev it up to get it unstuck only to get stuck again?

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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