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Drive axle weight question

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I recently returned from a 1600 mile trip with my 26' enclosed car carrier with a 4700 lb vehicle.I have the Reece equalizer setup and is adjusted to all the right heights and specs.It pull's fine and does not "wiggle" but it gives you an uneasy feeling when being passed.Not just semi's but small vehicles also.
Here are the numbers;
Truck is an 06' F-250 4x4 Longbed 10k gvw on factory LT 275/65 20 tires.Steer axle is 4860lbs and drive is 3300 lbs.
Loaded w/ trailer: steer is 4760 lbs drive 4280 lbs and trailer is 8460 lbs.Do I have enough weight on the drive?
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According to the weights listed, your loaded trailer is 9340#, you need to have at least 1200# on the hitch (12-15%) without the equalizer bars installed. I'd try lowering the tire pressure too, there's no need to run over 60PSI in the fronts, the rears should be adjusted according to the axle weight.

Formula: W / 6830 X 80 = PSI

W=actual axle weight
6830=maximum tire capacity
80=maximum cold PSI

I usually round up to the next 5PSI mark.

After you get the trailer loaded correctly you can adjust the equalizer bars to level things out.
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