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Drive shaft clunk?

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Truck makes noticable clunking noise when coming to a stop and sometimes when accelerating. Dealership said it is normal. I saw a previous post about drive shaft slip yoke. I'm just about to hit 36k miles and would like to have it repaired (if it needs to be repaired) before warranty expires. Any one know if this is normal?
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I wanted the dealer to lube my slip yoke, 03 f350, and was told that it doesn't have one, it is a one piece unit.

Maybe the new ones are different?

Mine still clunks as you describe.

Re: Hitecdan

Thanks for the Pics.

On 06/14/05 50,273 km

Complaint: Check for a slight clunk on light accel, felt thru floor board from a complete stop.

Corrrection: check for driveline clunk. TSB 4-22-7. Installed 2 shims under steady bearing. Road test. Much better. Note. As load is changed drive line angle will change and could cause some clunk when starting off.

Didn't work.

09/20/06 79986 km

complaint: diagnose and advise for cust concern of excessive drive line slack/loose.. clunks when coming to stop. cust request to drop drive shaft and lube splines.

correction: road tested vehicle for slack feeling in driveline. did not feel clunk/slack in driveline. Raise vehicle and inspect driveshaft. Driveshaft is a 2 piece that bolts to a flange on the back of the transfer case. no slip/yoke splines to lubricate. Checked u joints. U joints are tight. still goes clunk. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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