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Drivetrain problem - shudder/ vibration @ 55 - 60 mph

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I have a 2000 F250 4x4 that does not seem to run with the same vigor it used to, seems to take longer than usual to shift to the higher gear and also seems to vibrate between the 55 - 60 mph ( smooths out at 70+)

At all speeds it seems like an imaginary very heavy load has been hooked to the truck

Engine seems to run fine, idles fine starts up easy,

What could it be? No check engine lights..

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My free opinion....

I would investigate the part about the "not running with the same vigor it used to".

The way the engine is performing will affect how the transmission operates. I have recently learned that a degrading TPS could cause shifting problems. You may also have a stuck EBV valve causing performance to be reduced, thus causing some abnormal shifting (not too sure about this) but the point is, it could be engine related and not so much drivetrain. But it definately would not hurt to check the play in your u-joints and carrier bearing...I have had my driveline rebuilt twice and both times the u-joints had play and the carrier needed to be replaced.
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