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DRW R/Fender Lamps and DRW/SRW Head/park assy

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Haven't posted much in a few years but have learned a few things about the DRW amber/red fender lamps and headlight/park light units.

Check you local parts stores for the DRW Rear Fender Lamps/mounting bracker instead of Ford. Most places do carry them and are cheaper than just the lamp from Ford. They won't be listed for the DRW but probably as a light assembly for a trailer. Wal-Mart use to carry them locally but has since discontinued them.

Headlight and Park light lens assemblies can be ordered from O'Reilly Auto Parts. The headlights come with bulbs. They may be available at other parts stores if you can get the guys to look them up.

Also, if you are replacing rear end gears, the 10.25 uses the 9" Ford pinion crush spacer. Check with Summit or Jegs for the solid spacer kit from gear mfg like Richmond. The solid spacer doesn't necessitate the high torque to initally crush the pinion spacer and is reuseable.

Hope this help some...

Also, the apcm manual is here...

PS..the windup spare link broke years ago..sorry
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