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Hey all,
The front tank on my 1990 f250 hasn't worked since I bought it from the PO and I never looked at it because I'm wanting to do a conversion and swap the rear tank with a larger one. I was wanting to do the LMC 38 gallon one but the extra $180 shipping price isnt worth it to me. I've heard about doing an extention of the current pickup and getting an f26 spectra tank, but I'm sure the sender is the original and I'd like to buy a new one if they make them for the spectra? Or if anybody knows of another conversion kit? My fuel gauge also doesn't work so I just wanted to bypass the whole system and put a new tank in and run an aftermarket gauge. I'm tired of filling up every 2 days. Thanks to everyone and have a Merry Christmas!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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