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Dumb PCM Question

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If you use a spare PCM, Does Ford have a memory program inside the PCM for mileage cross reference. Back in the 80's Dodge would compare Odometer reading to PCM reading, if off by a certain amount your warranty was void.

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I will tell you what it does have though. It will advance the odometer for time running. Almost like an hour meter but at a slower rate. I have a friend that bought a 2000 Cobra Mustang brand new. It was trailered to his house and has never been out of his back yard but it has gained 16 miles since it came home. He pulls it out of the garage 25 feet and lets it run a while to get all the fluids warmed up. Then he backs it the same 25 feet back into the garage. When he asked his Dealer about it the dealership owner told him that all the new Fords did it. So he started watching his Expedition and saw it change a tenth sitting at a stop light one day. It is not a well known fact but it is happening to all of our trucks. I have yet to see my truck do it but I am not realy looking for it either.

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