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Dumb PCM Question

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If you use a spare PCM, Does Ford have a memory program inside the PCM for mileage cross reference. Back in the 80's Dodge would compare Odometer reading to PCM reading, if off by a certain amount your warranty was void.

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For what purpose?

I don't understand why this function would be programmed in, and what arbitrary numbers Ford would use (if true) to advance mileage due to hours, and not miles??

If it happened at a stop light in city driving, while the vehicle is in drive, that's preposterous, and I think Ford could be liable for decreasing the value of an automobile. Sure, maybe only a hundred bucks over a couple of years, but this is the stuff class action lawsuits are made of. Imagine what this could mean for warranty work... (Sure you vehicle has 35.9k, but according to your odometer...)

Unless every manufacturer is doing this, I think Ford should re-consider this routine.

On another note, it does kind of make sense...for vehicles that sit and idle for umpteen hours, might be missing neccesary maintenance if going by a mileage maintenace schedule. But it sounds as though this increase is so small, in no way could it compensate. Something sure doesn't smell right about this. I'd like to hear confirmation from ford before my blood pressure goes any higher /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/phoney.gif
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