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Dumb question..maybe. Can you exceed EGT's towing stock?

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While discussing pro's and con's of mods with a friend the subject of EGT's came up. When towing, I am sure that you can exceed your threshold of EGT's easily with a stock set up. Buddy wasn't so sure, stating why don't diesels come stock with a pyro then? Does the truck recognize temps and adjust? Suppose you wouldn't know until it was too late.
I think that within a few years one of the big three will come out with a pyrometer gauge. What do you guys think?
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The stock programming is pretty conservative. In stock form, my truck wouldnt exceed 1100 degrees. 1250 is the safe limit, so I had a lot of room to spare. Even with my 10k mod, an open filter and gutted muffler, I was still under 1250.

In bone stock form, you should be able to tow at the max GVW and not worry about high EGTs.

I do know there are a couple of factory ford computer codes that are known to run a little hot, but I think Ford catches them on service calls and reprograms them without telling you.
I am stock except for a turbo back exhaust and I have pulled a 4000 lb trailer up some passes in the mountains (and not the real big mountains) and got over 1250 and have seen almost 1300. I let off and or let it down shift and slow down some and proceded on. I wouldn't have thought it and was glad I had a pyro to see it. With the exhaust, I would have thought I wouldn't have come close to the temps I have stock but did. Go figure....

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Im assuming this is on your 6.0 truck. Are you up to date on all your computer flashes?

Also, Im not 100% sure what the "safe" numbers are for the 6.0s. The 7.3's with the garrett turbo are good to 1250, even a little higher if you factor in the time it takes to fully heat soak the parts to actually get them to melt.

6.0s are a different beast. What with that variable vane turbo and all. A 4000lb load shouldnt even make these trucks breathe hard, let alone overtemp the turbo!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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