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E40D issues,code 67 and 97 any help appreciated!

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Hi guys, I have a 1990 E350 short bus with the 7.3 idi and a e40d transmission. When I fire her up and start to go the transmission feels like it's in 3rd or 4th gear when in drive and won't kick down no matter how far I press the pedal. It will manually shift to reverse and 2nd but won't go all the way down to 1st. Also, the "od off" overdrive lockout button will not illuminate when I press it. Then, the trans warms up after a little bit of driving and the "od off" light gets stuck on and it starts shifting fine and although the light is on, the 4th gear (overdrive) works properly. I have some torque converter slippage I believe as well, but trans shifts well when working right. I pulled the codes and I got a code 67 and a 97. I understand the code 67 being the MLPS but it doesn't start in other gears and my backup beep works in reverse. The code 97 is an odd one I have not seen anything in the forums about, E4OD OD cancel light circuit failure. I guess my question would be has anyone experienced similar symptoms or had a code 97 before? Also, where does the wiring from my "OD off" button go to? Would a faulty "OD off" button circuit cause the intermittent shifting problems? Thanks in advance! Fred
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A problem with the OD OFF wiring won't cause your problem. I think you have a problem with the relay that powers the computer. If the computer isn't powered it will do exactly what your trans is doing. I don't know where that relay is, but it is under the hood.

Have you tried reading the codes when it won't downshift? If I'm right you won't get any response when you try to get codes when it won't shift.
Is this considered "limp mode" or does it just operate like this since 1st and 3rd are electronically controlled? Thanks!
All gears are electronically controlled. The capability to operate in second and fourth were designed in to have some limited capability if the electronics fail.
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