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Hey guys,

So I have owned a few powerstrokes and idi's but this is the first Idi that came with a banks turbo kit. The banks have a transmission controller that is installed with the kit (just mentioning this for reference).

Only in the mornings usually when its colder out but not thinking weather is the issue, i start my truck and transmission goes into safe mode. Basically if I start driving, huck it in neutral while still rolling, and shut down/startup truck, it is fine. I can drive it the rest of the day no problems. I have a solus edge scanner with obd adapter and I have been meaning to hook up to it just havent yet.

Is it possible just because of the initial cranking in the morning and glow plug draw that it could just be detecting low voltage? i know my ground straps are not that great and I need to change them asap, but I do have 2 brand new batteries and all new posts. I dont know if that banks controller has any issues or could be causing any issues? When the transmission is not in limp mode it drives perfect I have no complaints.

I did read over the forum for things to check with this truck just havent really noticed anything related to this. Any advise would be appreciated...
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