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E4OD Overdrive Problem?

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Good Morning!
I've been having problems with my truck for weeks now and you guys always point me in the right direction.
This started in March on my way to Daytona from North georgia. The truck started blowing fuses that controled the dash guages.(inc. the tach which puts the trans in limp mode)(Middle of the night) I talked to a ford tech that is on call for the local power co. and he said since it was flat interstate to continue on the trip and shift man. untill I got there. After searching for hours I found the parking brake switch was blowing the fuse. Disconnected it and drove the truck home and everything was fine. (The truck has less that 3000 miles on the rebuilt trans.) Several weeks ago the overdrive light started blinking. The truck seems to shift fine. I bought a code reader and it is coming up with a 74 which is Brake on/ off fault. I have not fixed the brake problem yet for i work out of town and have not been home long enough. AND a 65 which the book says, Overdrive cancel switch not changing state.
Can you guys HELP!
Thanks Dan
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Check the BOO switch on the brake arm......... see if the brake lights work. There is also a failsafe switch on the brake line which should have activated by pressure. Drivers side front frame area, just follow the brake lines.

There have been some instances of the wiring on the TCIL breaking this would give a 65.
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