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e4od problems

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Bought a 94 f350 73 I di automatic overdrive tranny owned it for 45 minutes hit a pothole busted tie rod end tire went through inter fender hAd tie rod repaired Transmission has been stuck in limp mode tried everything now I put a new rebuilt transmission in it and I still have the same problem I only have second and third gear no first and no overdrive I have reverse also I am at the end of my road with this can anybody help
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No it is not blinking it is not on at all
Any advice would be greatly appreciated I bought a new PCM but I'm afraid to put it in in fear it might Shot out
Try to get codes but have no power at the plug
This diesel is all new to me I've been invested $1,800 into this transmission problems so far what exactly is the EEC - IV?
My tach also quit working at the same time put new taCh sensor and still same problem
I bought the PCM computer that goes In the inter fender on the driver side
I'm sorry it goes in the firewall I had to remove the inner fender to access it
It's in the firewall it has to eight millimeter nuts holding it in it would be right behind the parking brake if you were inside the cab but you have to remove it from outside under the hood
Its in my buddies garage I can post a picture in the morning this forum is all new to me I'm not sure how I will find you again tomorrow
1 - 10 of 18 Posts
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